Free yoga for current and ex-ADF members

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Free Mindfulness yoga

Free Mindfulness yoga

For current and ex-ADF members

Mindfulness Programs are one of the best ways to combat PTSD, depression and anxiety. It is particularly relevant for veterans with PTSD because it teaches people to be in the moment, in the present and not to be thinking negative thoughts. Restorative Yoga is an aspect of the trauma-based yoga which alleviates depression, anxiety and reduces chronic pain. All levels welcome and you don’t need to have done yoga before to participate.

Benefits of the program:

  • Slow down and relax your mind
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Techniques to help with everyday life
  • Calmed response to stressors
  • Individual counselling available
  • New perspective on perceived problems in life
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Greater appreciation for the small things in life
  • Reduces anxiety and anxious thoughts
  • Assists with Depression and PTSD

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