Refer a Veteran now and they will receive the benefits they are entitled to!

DVA Gold and White card holders are entitled to a number of different fully funded services and discounts but most don't know what these are. If you know an Aussie Veteran that might be eligible then let us know!

At Veteran Benefits Australia we know that our veterans may not be aware of what they are entitled to so we created a tool that allows you to filter by card type, category or search for specific services or discounts. We have also made a top 10 most popular entitlements document that you can download here!

Download PDF
If the Veteran you know doesn't have a computer or smartphone then we can do it the old fashioned way and send them all the info in the mail. Simply let us know their name, address and home or mobile phone number, if they have one, and we will post them their info pack straight to their door!