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Antidepressants and Traditional
Mental health treatments don’t work for everyone...

Particularly if you’ve faced the stresses, challenges and demands of a career in the Australian Defence Force - and the transition to civilian life afterwards. Over 1 in 5 Australian veterans are struggling with their mental health, with service-related causes for issues like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more.

Changing Lives, by Changing The Way we Think.

TMS is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that has proven success in helping veterans reduce the symptoms of:

That’s Where TMS is Helping

Australian Veterans- With long lasting results.

TMS is proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of mental health problems, even where antidepressants have previously been found to produce unsatisfactory results. Research also proves the success of TMS in helping with depression, anxiety and PTSD - to the point where many veterans no longer meet the threshold criteria for having PTSD.

The benefits of TMS include:
  • It’s painless and gentle

  • Proven to be effective

  • No hospital stays - a walk
    in, walk out treatment

  • No medications that can
    cause adverse effects

  • No recovery time

  • Long-lasting results
    - 90% of people retain their
    results for 12 months

  • It’s safe

It’s Never ‘just a Thought’

The thoughts we have generate our feelings and emotions, which then lead to the kind of actions we take - and the consequences they have. That’s why asking someone to merely stop a behaviour or to control their emotions doesn’t work on its own - it must start with their thoughts.

Unfortunately this can also be easier said than done, with the pathways our thoughts take being deeply wired in our brain. This is the exact thing that TMS helps to change.

How Does TMS Work?

Your TMS visit is simple - you sit back and relax in your chair. During this time, we’ll place a magnetised device close to your head, and based on your symptoms, we’ll follow relevant medical protocol to help you get the best results. Your practitioner stays with you at all times, and is there to answer any questions you may have.

While you’re sitting back, TMS is working to:

Help activate areas and pathways in your brain that aren’t used to being stimulated

Help redirect the messages being sent by your brain related to your thoughts and feelings to take this new pathway, instead of the regular pathways that would otherwise lead to mental health symptoms

Help your brain remember and recognise these new pathways as ‘normal’, so it can continue to use them after your treatment

We Have a Clinical Success Rate of Between 70% and 80%

We’re proud to have a strong success rate for TMS treatment to assist veterans and provide relief for a variety of symptoms.

It’s Never Too Late to Take Control of Your Well-being and Satisfaction

It’s a common misconception that service-related mental health challenges only begin during or shortly after service. The truth is that they can start at any time in your life, and regardless of your veterans cohort.

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