Get your health on track with a veteran health plan

For eligible gold and white card holders

What is a veteran health plan?

Just like you might take your car for
regular service, having regular check-ins with health professionals can identify where issues might arise before they become more urgent.

The aim of a veteran health plan is for a nurse to assist you with identifying key health-related areas that could be at risk if they remain unaddressed and they then assist you to access trusted service providers to help you manage and prevent the need for more urgent care.

It is essentially the ounce of prevention vs. the pound of cure.

This is simple and easy and takes only 30minutes with a veteran health specialist.

Why Do I Need A Health Check? I’m Not Sick!

Just like when you get regular checkups at the dentist the Veteran Health Check is a proactive approach to your healthcare. This is a way of mitigating the issues and
preventing you from getting sick.

Basically, we use a Health Check as a way to try and avoid finding ourselves in crisis. It helps you to build long term relationships with a variety of health care providers, who can work
together to act as a safety net and support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Who can access a plan?

  • DVA Gold Cardholders are able to access a plan free of charge.

  • DVA White Card Holders with accepted mental health conditions can also access a plan free of charge.

    Our Nursing team will assess your eligibility and help you access the services that you need.

What do I receive as part of the health plan?

When you have an assessment you will be guided to a range of services that they will assist you in accessing.

These can include:

Co-ordinated Care.


Accessing Legal and TPI claims support


Specialist Medical Care


    Allied health, such as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology and mindfulness practice
After your assessment, your Nurse will have a plan for you. It will inform the basis of your ongoing preventative health care measures and serve as checkpoints in an ongoing capacity. The team will also help you contact, book and access the necessary services and Veteran Benefits Australia will send you your “Wellness Starter Pack” so that you start managing your health.
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What is a ‘Wellness Starter Kit’?

When we talk with Veterans, we found that the easiest first step to taking control of your health is usually through accessing Allied Health Providers. The act of being supported to take control of your physical wellbeing means that you can start to see small but significant changes almost immediately.
To help you really feel ready we’ve designed a ‘Wellness Starter Kit’ that includes a variety of items to help you take action and put your new health plan into place, these items include:

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is the key and our water bottle make it easy!

Gym Towel

To make each session comfortable and clean

Protein Shaker

Perfect for your pre workout shake or your protein shakes after exercise to assist with recovery.

All in a gym bag

To make sure that getting to and from the gym is easy, stylish and convenient.


Booking is easy! Simply fill in the form and one of our team will contact you to book a time with our Nurse-led team.