Medication Management Programs

Eligibility Access Cards

  • Fully funded service for DVA Gold Card Holders

  • No out of pocket expense


We believe that a collaborative approach to veteran health care is best, rather than a one-size-fits-all plan. It will mean multiple health care professionals working together in a collaborative management to improve your health and wellbeing. As part of this service we now have a fully funded medication pack delivery service for veterans to assist with the management of their chronic disease and make managing their medication easier. Eligible veterans on the program will receive all their medications free of charge and packed into easy to use medication packs, delivered to their door each month. We have a complete end to end service managed by our experienced team of nurses and doctors in collaboration with a pharmacy to be able to provide veterans with an easy to use service to make staying on top of their medications simple and easy.

We’re your team for better health and If you are ready to
commit to taking full control of your health care then we have the team for you!

The Process


Click the
link and fill in
your details


Our nurse team
will call you to do a
health assessment


Our team will book
for a Medication review
with a pharmacist


Your medications will
be packed into easy to
use medication packs


You will receive
your medications
to your door


Receive follow up
check in’s to make sure
your health is on track


Every month your
medications will be
delivered to your door

Benefits for You

Stop paying for your medications and save money

Makes managing your medications simple and easy with daily packs

Easy to use packs to help you track what you are taking and when to take it

Support from nurses, doctors and pharmacists