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Australian veterans deserve access to straightforward financial advice and guidance. Veteran Benefits Australia has worked in the veteran space since 2007 and we are now extending our care to the financial well-being of veterans.

VBA Wealth is helping veterans understand and develop their.

VBA Wealth draws on the knowledge of a fully qualified and certified financial services team, who are well versed in the veteran space and use this understanding to help veterans create a secure financial future.

How We Can Work With You

There are 4 key ways that VBA Wealth can currently work with veterans to support them in their financial goals.

SRDP - Special Rate Disability Pension

What is The Special Rate Disability Pension?

An SRDP is offered as an alternative to incapacity payments, for those who have served in the military on or after 01 July 2004 and whose injuries or conditions have left them unable to work or severely incapacitated.

SRDP isn't automatically provided, once a veteran becomes eligible, they will receive a letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs and they will be offered the choice of receiving taxable incapacity payments up until they reach Age Pension age or a tax-free SRDP if you:

  • Have an injury or disease assessed at 50 or more impairment points which are likely to continue indefinitely; and

  • Are in receipt of incapacity payments or have had your incapacity payments reduced to nil because of commonwealth superannuation offsetting or because you received a lump sum amount of incapacity payments; and
    are assessed as:

  • unable to undertake paid work for more than 10 hours per week; and

  • Rehabilitation is unlikely to increase your capacity to undertake paid work for more than 10 hours per week.

When a veteran has been offered an SRDP they are required to meet with a financial adviser. By meeting with a Financial adviser, a veteran will be able to quantify their current position, see all their options, and then make an informed choice about what could be the best move forward for them and their families.

This is where VBA Wealth can assist.


Mortgage Broking

Having your slice of the Aussie Home Ownership dream shouldn’t be complicated. Most mortgage brokers simply set and forget when it comes to helping with home loans.

At VBA Wealth our team is here to help veterans secure the best market rate for their home loan for the life of their loan. This means regular check-ins to make sure that you’re not overpaying and that your loan is still meeting your financial goals.

Applications and refinancing are simple with VBA Wealth.

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PI - Permanent Imparement

Being injured during service is a situation that many current and former ADF personnel face. There are many circumstances that need to be considered when you’re looking to submit a PI claim.

Submitting a claim is a daunting process and VBA Wealth works closely with VBA Legal to help veterans navigate the claims process.

Working with a team that is experienced in the claims process, often a veteran will receive a PI compensation payout. Understanding how to best manage any large sum of money so that it is working to secure your future is VITAL.

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Financial Planning

The right moves, at the right time. VBA Wealth has you covered.

There is often confusion and indecision around creating a secure financial future. Normally this is what halts many from taking the action they need to decipher and comprehend what financial markets are telling them.

VBA Wealth has the know-how, and we can provide veterans and their families with assistance in financial planning.

We help veterans move from surviving to thriving, by creating a secure financial plan.

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