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Advocates are the frontline working with veterans to help prepare and manage their claims with DVA. They help veterans comb through their medical files, request documents and  information, and assist with forms and paperwork. Advocates know first-hand the frustration that more than 7,000 veterans are facing waiting for a mental health diagnosis.

With a massive backlog of these claims and frustration levels rising, it seems that there is a never-ending wait for vital services that can often lead to tragedy.

It’s time to get veterans out of the queue and their claims on track.

Waiting for a psychiatric diagnosis and report is a major obstacle for many claims. Numerous veterans endure a minimum of 12 months wait time to see a psychiatrist, only to find out that the psychiatrist is unwilling to complete the essential reporting to fulfil a DVA claim. The process is highly complicated and the compensation rate for the reporting is low, leaving veterans in a difficult position. They require the report to advance their mental health claim, but the out-of-pocket cost and wait time is prohibitive for many.

Veteran Benefits Australia has access to a network of psychiatrists who can assist Veteran Advocates to access the reporting they need quickly, easily and with no out-of-pocket expense for the veteran.

We’d love to connect with Advocates and help further our mission of access and advocacy for all veterans and assist veterans awaiting a psychiatric report for their compensation claim.

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