VBA Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of Veteran Benefits Australia (“VBA”). All advices, referrals and other services provided by VBA (“Services”) whether via its website at www.veteranbenefitsaustralia.com (“Website”) or by contacting VBA in any other manner, are provided on these Terms & Conditions and all customers of VBA’s Services (each a “Customer”) agree to these Terms & Conditions as a pre-condition of obtaining any Services from VBA. No terms and conditions introduced by the Customer shall take effect to vary these Terms & Conditions unless expressly agreed in writing by VBA.

About VBA’s Services

VBA’s Services are an online service and information blog designed to connect Customers to third party service providers (“Service Providers”) to facilitate Customers’ awareness and access to possible useful services for veterans, whether at full or discounted prices, as described in the various service categories described on the Website.

VBA does not of itself provide any health care service, social security service, legal or financial advice or any other direct service of any kind.

VBA is not affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs or any other Government department, the Returned and Services League Australia (RSL) or any other veterans association.

VBA’s Services are an independent online service.

About Service Providers

Whilst all care is taken to connect Customers with suitable, qualified and appropriate Service Providers based on the Customer’s instructions as to their needs, VBA does not endorse the advices of any Service Provider and expressly disclaims any liability for any products and services provided by Service Providers. Customers are encouraged to consider if the products and services of the Service Provider are suitable for the Customer’s needs and seek independent advice if required.

VBA will not conduct any assessments of the Customer’s needs and any recommendation that VBA makes for use of any Service Provider including for the making of any social security application, health care or other services is purely based on VBA’s response to the Customer’s request and their own assessment of their needs and circumstances.

Commission Arrangements

VBA has agreements in place with certain Service Providers and may derive commissions or other remuneration payments for marketing and referrals. Whilst VBA endeavours to partner with quality Service Providers selected on merit and offer a range of options, the Customer acknowledges that VBA may earn a commission and other remuneration from its affiliation with certain Service Providers it recommends. VBA does not warrant that there are no other providers who may be able to provide the same service and the Customer is encouraged to research alternative options and seek independent advice if required.

VBA is otherwise purely designed to promote awareness of these services and does not require payment for its referral Services from Customers.

Donations, merchandise and paid goods and services

From time to time VBA may offer the ability to make a donation or purchase goods or services including merchandise through its Website. The terms of donation or purchase will be in accordance with the online check-out terms and conditions appearing on check-out of the transaction.


VBA may be required to collect and disclose the personal information of the Customer for the purpose of making referrals or providing its Services to Customers. VBA values Customers’ privacy and will collect, use, store and dispose of personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at www.veteranbenefitsaustralia.com/privacy-policy

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