“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

What is Combined Health Planning?

Studies have shown that when a client is put at the centre of their health care, with a supportive team their health-related outcomes are greater than the sum of their parts. This rings true with Veteran Centric Care, and the Department Of Veterans Affairs Coordinated Veteran Care (CVC) program. 

At the centre of the CVC is the veteran, alongside them, are their GP and a Nurse coordinator who take their time to understand the health concerns and needs of the veteran and with the veteran creates a goal-centred plan to proactively manage their health. 

The CVC program is designed to be an ongoing service where the veteran has one point of contact to support them.

Why Access A Coordinated Health Plan?

The CVC at its core is designed to minimise unplanned or frequent hospital visits due to chronic health conditions. It helps to ease the burden of complex care where multiple health providers are involved and assist veterans to be proactive in managing their medical conditions and overall well-being.

Who Can Access A CVC?

Veterans who hold a;


How does a CVC work?

Once a veteran has been qualified to meet the criteria for a CVC they will be assigned to a nurse coordinator. The nurse will gather a comprehensive medical history, including; 

They will request;

This will help to bring all the necessary information into one place. They will then check the medical history and send the documents to a GP for review. 

A GP will then determine the necessary medical interventions and services that the veteran will be eligible to access and the veteran will be referred to these services.  

Once this is completed the referring practitioners will send notes and follow-up information to the nurse coordinator. Then at 90-day intervals, the nurse will check in and review the veteran to ensure that the plan is being followed and make any necessary amendments to treatment.

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