The Veteran Benefits Australia Story

Beginning in 2015, Veteran Benefits Australia was founded as a way to provide a practical source of reputable information for veterans who were seeking services after their military service had been completed. 

Created out of the frustration of a lack of easy-to-access knowledge and assistance, and a way to discover new and revolutionary treatments, Veteran Benefits Australia has been leading the pack in creating a source of to-the-point resources that veterans can trust. 

Veteran Benefits Australia has helped 85,000 veterans nationally get access to information relating to allied health, legal services, finance and other health and wellbeing-related topics.   

Veteran Benefits Australia prides itself on non-partisan and unbiased information, where we keep the veteran as the focus of our mission. We have worked with numerous Not For Profit organisations and corporate partners who help support our goal of advocacy for veterans at all times. 

Veteran Benefits Australia is committed to the ongoing support of the veteran community by making information accessible and continuing our commitment to helping veterans’ voices to be heard.   

Our work has been featured in leading news outlets and our initiatives have been praised by people from all areas of veteran advocacy.  

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