What is Allied Health?

Allied health professionals provide necessary care for people of all ages, when working with the veteran population they provide access to care for veteran-specific ailments. 

Many veterans return home with debilitating physical and mental conditions that prevent them from being able to fully reintegrate into their community. Allied health practitioners help with rehabilitation of these injuries, recuperation and reenabling veterans to live strong healthy lives. 

Allied health professionals have a range of skills and veterans are able to access a combination of services that suit their unique health requirements. This can range from customised exercise programs, mental health support, occupational aides and therapy, physiotherapy and many more. 

What can Allied Health help with?

Allied Health professionals are able to help with a wide range of conditions where they are deemed clinically necessary. It will vary from person to person and will be assessed by the clinician. For example – A veteran might have a knee injury and once assessed will be able to access physiotherapy for acute pain and exercise physiology for maintenance and exercise prescription.

Why would I need Allied Health?

The need for allied health services is varied and likely that a veteran will discover a professional that can assist them with a variety of ailments. Find out more about specific types of allied health services below.

Who can access Allied Health services?

Veterans who have a Gold Card and there is clinical relevance for the treatment are able to access the full range of allied health services that are funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

White Cards with Accepted Conditions will be able to access services that have been deemed clinically necessary for their specific conditions. 

Non-Liability Mental Health White Cards may need to have a referral for specific conditions from a psychologist and general practitioner for specific conditions.

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