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We believe that all Australian veterans should receive everything to which they are entitled in return for their service.  In particular we want all veterans with health conditions related to their service to have those conditions recognised and for them to receive the financial and healthcare assistance which will enable them to manage their health conditions.

Financial compensation is a key element of the military compensation legislation but this legislation also governs the health care which will be funded.

We have an experienced team who are dedicated to assisting veterans having their conditions related to their service recognised and accepted and to then obtain the maximum possible entitlements both in terms of financial compensation and health services.

Claims for Conditions to be Accepted

The key to accessing entitlements is for a veteran to lodge a claim to have their health condition(s) accepted.

Once a condition is accepted, the veteran will be then be entitled to appropriate (dependent on the impact the condition has on the veteran’s lifestyle) compensation and care related to that condition.

Assistance Navigating the System

Unfortunately, the system is rather convoluted and can be a challenge to navigate.  It is also frustrating to deal with government departments.

Expensive multi-national law firms taking a large percentage of compensation payments are available to veterans at one end of the spectrum and volunteer advocates provide free but non-legal assistance to veterans at the other end.

Claims for Conditions to be Accepted​

VBA Legal believes that it offers a solution for veterans providing the advice of a qualified legal team at on a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement for a fee which is fixed.

Unlike other law firms or volunteer advocates who often send you away to get evidence to support your claims, we are partnered with an expert medical team of doctors and nurses who work closely with us for a seamless examination of your service and other medical records as well as co-ordinating up-to-date medical assessments.

By offering a complete package to assist veterans throughout the whole process we can ensure that your claim has had thorough legal and medical assessment before being lodged as well as providing a process for efficient and timely lodgement.

Let us assist you and speak to our team over a no obligation, free courtesy call today and fill out the form below.

Who can access Allied Health services?

Veterans who have a Gold Card and there is clinical relevance for the treatment are able to access the full range of allied health services that are funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

White Cards with Accepted Conditions will be able to access services that have been deemed clinically necessary for their specific conditions. 

Non-Liability Mental Health White Cards may need to have a referral for specific conditions from a psychologist and general practitioner for specific conditions.

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